The 34 Best Wedding Websites Examples in 2023

Updated Jul 22, 2023.

Building a website for your wedding ceremony is one of the smartest decisions you can make to ensure you have a glorious event. Your well-designed site gives your guests a sneak peek into the upcoming event and how they can be a part of it.

How do you want your site to look? What are the thoughts, emotions, and messages you want to communicate to your friends and loved ones through your website?

Before you jump to make these decisions, check out the 34 best wedding website examples made by popular website builders like Wix and Squarespace for inspiration.

Let’s get started.

One thing you will have to deal with on Nick & Lindsey's wedding site is the numerous call-to-action buttons that lead to other pages. There are many high-quality pictures of couples enjoying an outdoor picnic.

The chat option at the right side of the page is a fascinating feature because it allows visitors to communicate with the couple before the event. Visitors can like their pictures, submit their details in the RSVP section, and locate the venue via the maps.

The Humayra and Henri site is a great example of a good wedding website with captivating web design elements. The black and white photos on the homepage give the website a sophisticated feel.

There is no doubt that eerie white space is not dormant but serves as a perfect background for every relevant piece of information.

I love the fonts used for the text and how effective the organization of the various pages is. For example, the location page has pictures of the wedding venue, the same goes for other pages on the menu bar.

Sulay & Anne's love story on the site is inspiring and touching. I love how they put an image with every content of their journey of love to make the story more engaging and relatable.

The couples chose not to hold back on their sense of style as they flood the site with various high-quality and stylish pictures.

Visitors receive suggestions on the dress code for the day. There are helpful images of how every visitor can wear these clothes and look nice and sharp.

Theresa & Jeremy's multi-page website has a sweet outlook with warm colors like dusky blue and seashells.

The “out adventure page” has photos showcasing the couple’s sense of adventure in motion. You will love the details of each bridesmaid and groomsman with pictures to give it a fun look.

Theresa & Jeremy booked rooms for their visitors and the accommodation details are clear for visitors to understand.

Blending colors like white, black, and amour to create a romantic atmosphere requires some degree of creativity. You will find these colors on Stephen and Kathryn's website page.

The home page comprises all the relevant wedding details, from the date, venue, wedding day schedule, and an FAQ section. 

I love the use of short text that contains the couple's view of the event, and the challenges and victories they have to face before their big day. The high-quality pictures on each page give it a professional feel.

Lavender mist is the theme color of the Natalie and Shane wedding website. I admire the home page picture of the couple sharing a special moment on the beach without any worries.

The texts have black-colored fonts that are big and bold for visitors to see and understand the content seamlessly.

You cannot miss the RSVP call-to-action button on the right side of the site. The couple made a list of the gifts they wanted on the registry page to make the process seamless for visitors.

Abby and Will thought it was a great idea to have their own wedding website that contains essential information about their wedding celebration. The colored and black and white photos on the homepage have a free spirit theme with them having fun and madly in love.

There is a stylish navigation tool on the right side of the site that makes it possible for visitors to move around the page seamlessly. If you hit the green and white CTA button on the left side of the page, an RSVP form will appear for you to fill out.

Denise and Chuck have a well-designed wedding website with beautiful photos. The quality of the website’s images and theme portray Denise and Chuck as an artistic couple.

I love how the details of their love story are fun and engaging, resulting from the couple's personal touch. The question-and-answer menu bar feature assists visitors to acquire every key information they need to be a part of this great wedding.

I find the home page pictures intriguing, especially the cool one they took on the beach. You will find warm and beautiful pictures of the couple on every page. If you want other relevant information, use the menu bar.

Visitors can seamlessly navigate through the website in a breeze because of its concise nature and back-to-the-top button. The texts are big, bold, and easy to read for every visitor.

10. Tori & José - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Toriscupofjo

Having a wedding website with a custom domain is a strategic move in the overall wedding planning process. Tori & José chose an elegant yet simple website to ensure all their RSVPs can easily find their way to the event venue.

The menu bar with their names on the side follows you everywhere you scroll. This feature makes navigation seamless.

I love how there are high-quality pictures of the couples on the homepage and other pages. This wedding website has the information visitors need to be a part of the celebration without having to ask anyone.

Emily and Ari have a phenomenal wedding website with various pictures and content. I love how both couples are in each other's arms enjoying a kiss in the middle of the road; This image paints a picture of the couple's sense of adventure and genuine love for themselves.

This great wedding website design helps to keep visitors aware of wedding-related events like the welcome party, wedding venue, and brunch.

12. Sam and DJ - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Samdj wedding

This flamboyant wedding website looks like a photo album with pictures from different angles. I love the combination of brandy rose and dawn pink as the dominant colors on the site page.

You can’t miss the CTA button inviting you to join the couple to celebrate their union. Clicking this button will take visitors directly to the RSVP page and drop their details.

The pop-up effect on the site makes it warm and engaging for visitors. Visiting the “About Us” header takes you on a journey of Sam and Dj’s love life. You will enjoy scrolling through the photo gallery of these two love birds.

Sabrina Joy & Matt has the perfect wedding website to get inspiration from if you love colorful and flashy websites. I love how the hashtag is in the header section where wedding guests can easily remember to use it when posting pictures on social media.

There is a story page with romantic content featuring a short video of the proposal leading to this great event. The mix of river bed and fall leaf brown colors gives the site a fun and exciting feel.

Alex & Bailey has one of the best wedding websites examples that display the liquid love between the couple with gorgeous imagery.

Most of the spaces on the site are filled with various beautiful pictures of couples, friends, and family members. The site’s background colors are heavy metal, ash gray, and Spanish green, which allows all the pictures and details to pop up.

I love the stylish fonts and the minimal text. Alex & Bailey rely more on pictures to tell their story. The “back to the top” makes navigating seamless for visitors.

15. Chaslyn & Kevin - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Offto boston

The Chaslyn & Kevin wedding website is mind-blowing. The first attractive element is the video playing in the background of the couples enjoying every moment together.

I love the slideshow which displays high-quality photos of the couples with so much love and romance in the atmosphere. The engagement video captures one of the most precious moments of the couple's life. It is a masterpiece of genuine love on display.

I love how they maximize the whitespaces and the stylish fonts blend well with the background.

Rush & Danit went over the edge with the concept of their wedding website. You will find their cute childhood pictures, their names written in stylish fonts, and “We’re Getting Married” as its headline on the home page.

I love how they use a call-to-action button as a doorway for visitors to explore other aspects of the wedding site.

You will find their recent beautiful pictures and other information like animations to describe the event details and date, an RSVP page, location details, and a song suggestion column.

Ben and Casey’s wedding website is one of the most engaging sites out there with a clear personality. This website content has a fun, playful, and personal vibe. The menu bar has various options like FAQs, save a date, hotel and travel details, and details about the couples.

You will find images with unique designs cut differently with just the faces of the couples showing to give the site a retro feel.

You cannot deny the excitement on the faces of Sarah and Ryan when you visit their exclusive wedding website.

I like the use of short and straight-to-the-point text. Visitors are sure to get precise information. The animated slideshow of different photos like the proposal is beautiful and heartwarming.

Check out the “wedding party page” to enjoy pictures of the bridesmaid and groomsmen with the couples in different locations and timelines. Visitors interested in the accommodation plans can check out the slideshow feature for details.

19. Alex & Yvette - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Yvette-alex

The outdoor pictures of the couple are the first element that got my attention. The site features the couple’s love story and a special section for Alex and Yvette to express themselves.

As you journey further, you will discover short inspiring love content on different parts of the site. To be honest, the texts got me a little emotional.

The registry section is heartwarming because it displays the couple's value of people’s presence over material gifts. However, they offer visitors the option to gift them via Vimeo.

Goofy, fun, and love-filled is the perfect description of Lauren and Chad’s wedding website. The black and white picture of the couples embracing beside a river is elegant and romantic.

Lauren and Chad use a great writing style that has a sprinkle of fun and romance for their website copy. The FAQ section is a brilliant idea because it helps visitors prepare better and make the right decision regarding the event.

21. Sarah & Dave - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Zyro

Sarah & Dave's wedding website is simple and inspiring. You won't find many stories about the couples, every detail is concise.

The pre-wedding pictures are lovely, and their choice to take pictures in a desert-like location is a unique approach. You will find other relevant wedding-related details such as the destination, wedding-related reservations, and contact details.

This wedding website uses a neutral color scheme that makes the photos pop. The gorgeous imagery takes center stage on this wedding website.

Liz and Chris's wedding site is a reflection of all their adventures and the journey so far. The euphoria of love radiating from the various pictures is indeed tangible.

I love how the first image is Liz and Chris sharing a kiss by two horses and the sea. The couples tell their story of how they first met, becoming friends, and the proposal.

There is a menu bar to help you navigate to the pages where you can find information on the wedding party, registry travels, and accommodation. The travel page is insightful because visitors can get key details about ways to transport themselves for the event.

Everyone loves and identifies with the image of a cupid hoarding a bow and arrow. This image is the first thing you will see on Ansley & Jonathan’s wedding site.

This wedding website uses stylish fonts and colors that communicate true love. I love how the home page is brief. Visitors will have to use the menu bar at the left side of the site to acquire further denials about the event. 

The ‘things to do” heading gives visitors a breakdown of the foods that will be available and how they can navigate seamlessly to the event.

You can not ignore the first pictures you find on Jess and Chris's wedding website. This image consists of a beautiful painting of their faces, their names, and lovely flowers in the background.

As you explore the site further, you will find interesting details about each bridesmaid and groomsman, and personal details about how the couples met.

The hotel map is easy to understand and is of great help for visitors who are coming from quite a distance. I love the clever use of high-quality pictures which are heartwarming and get visitors excited.

The first thing you will notice on the home page is that Emily and Manuel are getting married. They have waited 2,994 days to tie the knot, and the wedding party is going to be a bomb. You can't miss this text because they are in large and bold fonts. 

I love how their love story has its place among the headings. There is a wedding registry menu and an RSVP call to action button for reservations. The dominant colors on the page are light pink and satin sheen gold.

The stylish fonts on Meghan and Thomas's wedding website are one of its key features. This wedding site is simple yet elegant, with engaging and interesting content. Visitors can dive into the juicy content to get up to sleep with their love journey and various adventures.

I like how they put high-quality pictures at the top of every page to maintain that warm and romantic feeling.

The registry page has CTA buttons for platforms where visitors can buy gifts for the couple. This strategy is brilliant because visitors can make the purchase immediately and seamlessly.

27. Kiki & Sam - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Samandkiki

Kiki and Sam's wedding theme revolves around the Dia de Los Muertos holiday. This holiday theme makes the site stand out among various stunning wedding website examples. I found a brief story on the history of Catrina La Calavera Garbancera interesting.

You can't miss the mulberry-colored RSVP call to action button at the top of the page. The black and white picture of the couple smiling in the background is heartwarming.

Kaitlin and Will's wedding website’s floral illustrations are worth a second look. Unlike other wedding websites that display beautiful engagement photos of the couple, there are no couple pictures.

If you think the website design will be poor because of the lack of couple’s engagement photos, have a rethink. Kaitlin and Will have the perfect wedding website example for couples who are content focused. 

This wedding website offers its wedding guests vital information like the day’s schedule, travel information, and registry links.

Tmak and Jimmy have a beautiful website design. You will find beautiful photos of the couple, the groomsmen, and the bridesmaids the moment you visit the web page.

I love how it uses a different theme from other wedding website examples. This inspiring wedding website contains pre-wedding details, relationship stories, and post-wedding activities.

30. Philip and Nicole - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Phicole

The word Phicole at the top of Philip and Nicole’s wedding website is a fusion of their names. I think it's a creative idea and a way to add some spice to the site's outlook.

You can’t miss the attractive video and pictures of the entire event next. The video features precious moments where the couple's dancing, feasting, and friends and family having a great time.

I love how there is a video that tells the pre-event story. This heartwarming video gives visitors a wide and insightful view of the event.

31. Joyce and Ben - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Joyce-and-ben

Joyce and Ben is a one-page website that contains information about this couple’s wedding day. The pop-up and colorful background feature gives life to the site and grabs visitors' attention.

This single-page website is a perfect example of a wedding website that is visitor focused. You will find details about the wedding and how every visitor will seamlessly come for the event and have a great time.

I love the custom event table with a map to help visitors navigate and get accurate details about the activities for each day.

32 . Jessica and Russ - Wedding Websites Example
Source: Jess and russ

The concept of Jessica and Russ's wedding site focuses on their love story rather than the main event. This site is a masterpiece and product of the joint effort of the couple’s friends, who are into illustration and web designing.

The use of animation and illustrations adds spice to the website and makes it more engaging than if you only read it as text.

Parallax scrolling gives depth to the illustrations, creating a smooth animated effect. The unique blend of black, gold, and white color palette gives the site a captivating and romantic feel.

The 80s theme the website displays is a unique concept and worthy of admiration. Rachel and Conor’s website stylishly tells their love story. This wedding website uses plantation, cement, and foggy gray colors to strengthen the 80s concept and illustrate the story better.

You will find videos of the couples having the time of their lives. These videos serve as a guide for visitors who want to attend the event. The FAQ and Covid pages display their concern about health and safety.

This one-of-a-kind wedding website has a blend of high-quality pictures of Nick & Allison, drawings, paintings, slideshows, illustrations, and animation to give that fun and joyful vibe.

The heading is strategically put at the bottom of the site to ensure visitors don't forget to explore other aspects of the site.

The red brown-colored RSVP call-to-action button is on the top right side to aid in quick and seamless responses from visitors. It's not every day you will see a wedding website with a blend of red-brown and blurry wood as its colors.

Wedding Website FAQs

Which Is the Best Wedding Website Builder?

Beautiful wedding websites are a product of the best website builders like Wix and Squarespace. These website builders are effective and loaded with an extensive collection of wedding website templates for inspiration. 

When Should I Start My Wedding Website?

You can start it as soon as the wedding preparations start. Ensure you have the necessary details required to get the site up and running such as the wedding date, location of event, and accommodations for visitors. Once you have this information, you can kick-start your wedding website.  

What Should Be On a Wedding Website?

The details on a wedding website are subject to the specifications and preferences of the couples. Ideally, every wedding site should have beautiful pictures of the couple, a relationship story, venue address, accommodations address, music requests, travel info, dress code details, registry, and RSVP pages. 

How Much Does a Wedding Website Cost?

The cost of a wedding website is relative and it can change in response to various factors. Generally, a good customizable wedding website will range between $40 – $100 annually. 

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