27 Best Examples of Beautiful Wedding Websites [2022 Inspiration]

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
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Planning your wedding is a stressful activity that requires good organizing skills and attention to detail. Managing the financial demands and meeting your expectations for your dream wedding is not an easy task.

One of the ways to relieve stress is to create a wedding website. You can add all the details regarding the directions to the venue, transportation, and accommodation. A small section of your registry and R.S.V.P. also helps to organize and track the number of guests coming to your wedding. You get all of this at a fraction of the cost of paper wedding invites. 

Let’s have a look at the best wedding website examples and tips on how to create your own website.

Best Examples of Stunning Wedding Websites

1. Luiza and Alexandre (made with Wix)

Beautiful bilingual wedding website example

Luiza and Alexandre is a beautiful bilingual wedding website example.

What makes the website interesting?

Luiza and Alexandre have built a bilingual website to accommodate both sides of the family. The first thing that you see is a beautiful photo of them with a gorgeous sunset behind. It is an ‘aww’ worthy moment for this couple. The first paragraph states clearly the purpose and intentions of the couple for this website. Parallax scrolling is used with a beautiful background of the sea which correlates to the beachy theme of the wedding

Best features:

  • Both English and Portuguese languages are used
  • A mixture of pictures and texts gives a personal touch
  • Covered all aspects from location to what to do after the wedding
  • R.S.V.P feature to help them know the list of their guests

2. Anya & Deven (made with Squarespace)

Well-designed destination wedding website example

Anya & Deven is a well designed destination wedding website example.

What is it about?

Entering the website, you are immediately greeted by a photo of the couple with the R.S.V.P. link. There is also a 3 column section where they summarized their own story and how they met. This helps to introduce Anya and Deven better to the extended family and friends. The homepage is mostly about the wedding’s schedule. Full-width pictures divide the days and time of the wedding seamlessly. 

Highlights of the website:

  • Anya’s and Deven’s background information help their guests to know them on a personal level
  • The location and some activities provided are explained clearly
  • Gifts section to fund their honeymoon
  • R.S.V.P is the first thing you see. 

3. Liz and Chris (made by Weebly)

Adventure-based wedding website example

Liz and Chris is an Adventure based wedding website example.

What is the website about?

The home page of the website is a photo gallery showcasing all the adventures the couple went on. It gives a sneak peek at the journey of Liz and Chris; all the traveling and milestones that they accomplished together. They included their relationship’s story and even the proposal to share this special moment with their family and friends. Liz and Chris have put all information about their wedding party, from groomsmen to maid of honor. All details about the lodging, transport, and activities are provided on their website. 

Key features:

  • Gallery layout displays their journey 
  • Skimmable
  • Registry informs their guest of what gifts the couple wants
  • Shared their engagement weekend photos with their family and friends who were absent

4. Luke and Charlotte (made with Squarespace)

A beautiful example of a wedding website

Luke and Charlotte is a beautiful example of a wedding website.

What makes the website interesting?

Your first impression of the website is the photo loop of Luke and Charlotte’s engagement and the date of the wedding. They used a one-page scrolling feature for their wedding schedule. The ceremony, reception, and afterparty details are all provided on the home page. It makes it easy for their guests to skim the home page to get important information. The top section for each page is a photo of the couple, making the website more engaging for the guests. 

The highlights:

  • The picture loop pulls you into Luke’s and Charlotte’s world
  • One-page scrolling to obtain information faster
  • Specific registry to inspire guests for their wedding gifts
  • R.S.V.P. feature for better organization

5. Sarah and Josh (made with Wix)

Minimalist wedding website template

Sarah and Josh is a Minimalist wedding website template.

What is the website about?

It is a one-page layout website with all information present on the homepage. It is a good example of making a simple and clean website for your guests. Friends and family can quickly skim through the page to get the details they need. A good display of the location on a map provides accurate detail of the wedding venue and lodging options. There is also the registry and R.S.V.P. feature that helps the guests and the couple to organize themselves better for the wedding. 

The best features:

  • Wedding invitation layout as the first impression
  • One -page scrolling makes the website skimmable
  • Pictures and relationship’s story 
  • Registry and R.S.V.P.

6. She said Yes (made with Wix)

Picture-filled wedding website template

She said Yes is a Picture filled wedding website template.

What is it about?

This template provides the opportunity to display all of your pictures on the website. Pictures give a personal touch to the website. This is perfect for those who love taking pictures as souvenirs of special memories. You have a place to share them with your guests and to go back to for some nostalgia. Guests are also able to find the information they need faster with the one-page layout. It contains a ‘contact us’ feature where guests can send all of their questions on the website This prevents hundreds of emails from spamming your email inbox.

The highlights:

  • Gallery design to showcase photos
  • One-page structure for an easier search
  • Contact us feature helps to answer all questions without difficulty
  • Registry as their gift wish list 

7. Sarah and Ryan (made with Weebly)

A gorgeous example of a wedding website 

Sarah and Ryan is a gorgeous example of a wedding website.

What is it about?

You can feel Sarah’s and Ryan’s excitement when you enter the website. The text sections are small enough to keep the guests interested in their story. The little icon above each section fits perfectly the content of the text. They have also included an animated slideshow of different photos including the couple’s proposal. This displays their happiness and eagerness to start a new chapter of their lives together. Having included their wedding party, guests know who the maids of honor and best men are. All details for accommodation, transport, and wedding are provided with a picture slideshow about the different accommodations. 

The key features:

  • The texts and writing style relay the excitement of the couple to get married
  • Pictures and animated slideshow give details and a personal touch to the website
  • R.S.V.P. helps the couple to know who is coming to the wedding
  • The registry helps the guests know what gifts they want or even fund their honeymoon

8. Hayden and Melissa (made with Wix)

A great wedding website template with an amazing layout

Hayden and Melissa is a great wedding website template with an amazing layout.

What makes the website interesting?

The website has a beautiful pink and red design that showcases the love and wedding feel of the couple. The homepage starts with an exquisite display of the couple and the wedding date and location. There is an ‘our story’ section where you can inform your guests about your journey as a couple together. A gallery loop is also included to share the beautiful photos of the couple. Guests can also leave a message or ask a question through the ‘contact us’ section. It helps the couple to keep track of their messages instead of getting lost in tons of emails.

The key features are:

  • Pink and red accent colors making the website more vibrant
  • Gallery loop to display photos
  • Contact us and R.S.V.P. to keep track of the guests
  • All details about the location. lodging and registry have a dedicated page

9. Kylla and Mike (made with Squarespace)

Perfect wedding website template for picture-lovers couples

Kylla and Mike is a Perfect wedding website template for picture lovers couples.

What is the website about?

This template has full-screen pictures that divide the different sections. There is also a small description of the section that follows written across the pictures. There is some use of parallax scrolling that gives a smooth transition between sections. There is also a gallery grid layout to display all photos that are important for the engaged couple. There are small sections for texts where location, lodging, and our story information are found. However, the couple mostly communicates through the photos.

The highlights:

  • Parallax scrolling for a seamless transition
  • Using pictures to communicate with the guests
  • Location, lodging, and transport details are provided
  • There is a merge of ‘contact us’ and R.S.V.P. section

10. Lauren and Chad (made with Weebly)

Engaging and informative wedding website example

Lauren and Chad is an engaging and informative wedding website example.

What makes the website interesting?

Lauren and Chad have designed their website to be fun and informative. It is a well-structured website that contains a page for all the different categories. The pictures and writing style provide a quirky and fun feel whilst being enlightening. They have also included an FAQ section where they address all the common questions that guests may ask. The accessibility of the venue, dress code and dietary restrictions are all covered in the FAQ. This is a very useful feature that you could include in your website. Lauren and Chad have also included some activities that their guests can participate in before or after the wedding. 

The best features:

  • Engaging design and structure
  • Good layout
  • Pictures provide a personal touch
  • FAQ and ‘contact us’ section

11. Julia and Sam (made with Squarespace)

Inspiring wedding website example

Julia and Sam is an inspiring wedding website example.

What is it about?

The website is minimalist and straight to the point. There are no animations and effects which makes it very easy to navigate. The website compensates for this by having a gallery view layout of their engagement photos. The white background highlights the vibrant colors of the pictures. They have also included a registry page where they displayed all the different products that they want. This helps their guests to pick a gift faster. The R.S.V.P. section allows Julia and Sam to know who is coming and bringing someone else. 

The key features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Gallery section to display their photos
  • Location and lodging information
  • Registry and R.S.V.P. section

12. Philip and Nicole (made with Wix)

Fun and pretty wedding website example

Philip and Nicole is a fun and pretty wedding website example.

What is the website about?

Philip and Nicole have had an amazing idea of joining their names together to get Phicole. They used their ‘ship’ name as their logo and icon. They have updated their website and currently contain videos and photos of the wedding ceremony and reception. They have designed a small quiz to collect information if the guests will be present for the events and who they will bring. This format of R.S.V.P. helps Philip and Nicole to get the information that they need to plan their wedding. There is also a ‘contact us’ page that enables the guests to ask their questions to the couple. 

The highlights:

  • Merging their names to make it their logo
  • Beautiful illustrations throughout the website
  • Quiz format of R.S.V.P
  • Updated photos and videos of the wedding ceremony and reception

13. Brooke and Stephen (made with Wix)

Charming wedding website example

Brooke and Stephen is a Charming wedding website example.

What makes the website interesting?

Brooke and Stephen have designed an engaging website for their guests. The website has a one-page scrolling feature. This helps the guests to skim the website to get to the part they need. The mixture of videos, pictures, and even a song provides a great experience to website users. The website menu is found on the left side of the screen which provides a different layout. They have also included a timeline design to display the wedding’s schedule. Another interesting feature is the interlinking sections throughout the website. This helps guests to access different sections of the website faster. Brooke and Stephen have also included an FAQ section that provides more details about the wedding.

The best features:

  • Beautiful structure
  • Timeline design of the wedding’s timetable
  • Interlinking different sections
  • FAQ section to answer any doubts that guests might have

14. Clint and Kristin (made with Weebly)

Simple wedding website example

Clint and Kristin is a simple wedding website example.

What is it about?

Clint and Kristin created a simple website that is straight to the point. The website states the date and location of the wedding along with some explanations on how to get there. Despite its simplicity, the website has a gorgeous structure. The pictures on the website make it more interesting to view and use. On each page, there is a full-width picture of the couple that gives the website its individuality. Guests are also able to comment on the website, passing their congratulations to Clint and Kristin. 

The key features are:

  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • Great structure with accent pictures
  • Guests are able to comment or ask any questions on the R.S.V.P. page
  • Profile pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen help guests to know them better

15. Anna and Ryan (made with Wix)

Fantastic wedding website template

Anna and Ryan is a fantastic wedding website template.

What is it about?

This template is one of the best designs for a wedding invitation website. It features parallax scrolling and one-page scrolling. This gives a professional feel and smooth transition between each section. There is also a menu button on the right side of the screen to help website users access the information needed faster. The first glance is a full-screen picture of the couple along with the date, location details, and R.S.V.P. The essential information is immediately provided. A horizontal gallery loop showcases the beautiful pictures of the couple. Information about the location, transport, and accommodation have a designated section. 

The highlights are:

  • Full-screen pictures that divide the different parts
  • Parallax and one-page scrolling 
  • Guests are able to comment on the R.S.V.P. page
  • Gallery loop feature to display photos of the couple

16. Nikki and David (made with Wix)

Wedding website example with a beautiful layout

Nikki and David is a wedding website example with a beautiful layout.

What makes it interesting?

The homepage presents a beautiful full-screen photo of Nikki and David to highlight the purpose of the website. Parallax scrolling is used to provide a harmonious transition between the different parts of the homepage. The logo of the website is beautiful calligraphy of both Nikki’s and David’s names. They have also included a gallery grid feature full of photos and videos of their journey together and, obviously, the proposal. This helps guests to understand and relate to the couple on a deeper level. The photos have been strategically organized in a timeline which makes it easier for guests to view the development of their relationship.

The best features are:

  • The parallax scrolling
  • Pictures to divide different parts of the homepage
  • Gallery to display photos and videos
  • Direct links to different accommodation websites

17. Zoe and Amelia (made with Wix)

Bright and colorful wedding website template

Zoe and Amelia is a bright and colorful wedding website template.

What is it about?

This template has been designed to be fun and colorful. It relays the excitement and joy of the couple for the next chapter of their lives together. The website uses a slide feature to transition from one page to another. The small slideshow in the middle of the ‘our story’ page makes it more engaging and fun to read. All pages are a full-screen size which makes information readily available. No need to scroll through the page to obtain the required details. At the bottom of each page, they have included the date of the wedding. There is also a registry and R.S.V.P. section that helps to organize and keep track of the guests who are coming.

The key features:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Slide transition of pages
  • Full-screen size pages
  • Registry and R.S.V.P.

18. Teresa and Dario (made with Squarespace)

Beautiful and efficient wedding website example

Teresa and Dario is a beautiful and efficient wedding website example.

What makes the website interesting?

The home page displays the R.S.V.P. next to the pictures of the couple. Web users whose main priority was to confirm their presence can easily do so. The timetable of the wedding is also provided on the home page. Each section has a small text including the date, time, location, and phone number details. The use of pictures also as full-width thumbnails is a great idea to divide the page seamlessly. They have also included a map of the wedding location which helps the guests understand the directions to the ceremony. 

The best features:

  • R.S.V.P. feature is obtained instantaneously
  • The schedule of the wedding is divided according to the days
  • Pictures in a thumbnail format to divide the pages
  • Location, accommodation and activities information are provided

19. Meghan and Thomas (made with Weebly)

Simple wedding website example

Meghan and Thomas is a simple wedding website example.

What is it about?

Meghan and Thomas have designed their website in a simple yet creative way. Beautiful pictures adorn the top of each page. The romantic feel of the website is relayed through the different pictures of the couple. The home page tells the story of how they met and their proposal. Guests can enjoy the special moment that they shared together during the proposal. They have also included a section for comments and questions. It helps Meghan and Thomas to not be submerged by a ton of emails. Users may also find their answers in the comment section. There is a breakdown of all rooms available for guests that facilitates the navigation of the website.

The highlights are:

  • The simplicity of the website
  • Comment section
  • Thorough detail about the accommodation

20. Soria and Antoine (made with Squarespace)

Well-designed wedding website example

Soria and Antoine is the well designed wedding website example.

What makes the website interesting?

The juxtaposition of pictures and texts provides an engaging and aesthetically pleasing layout to the website. The use of a light grey background accentuates the vibrant colors in the pictures. They have also included a link to the map for the ceremony and reception. The menu can be found at the top left corner of the screen or at the bottom of each page. This helps web users to access different pages easily. Having included an array of photos of different sizes and positions brings a fun element to the website. 

The best features are:

  • The juxtaposition of pictures and texts
  • Links to the maps help guests understand the directions
  • Two menu positions make navigation easier
  • Registry and R.S.V.P. sections

21. Rush and Danit (made with Squarespace)

Interesting wedding website example

Rush and Danit is an interesting wedding website example.

What makes it interesting?

The first page contains childhood pictures of both Rush and Danit. Their logo is very special with their names written in a beautiful design. They have also included a timeline feature of the agenda of the wedding. Icons and illustrations used to provide a personal touch to the website. Including the map next to the timetable is a great idea. Guests can find all the important information in one go. The use of thumbnails as links to other pages also makes the website similar to one of a blog. Rush and Danit have included a fantastic feature where their guests can request a song during the afterparty of the wedding. Through this activity, guests feel more involved in the planning of the wedding.

The highlights:

  • Fun and engaging logo
  • Great layout and structure
  • Song requests from guests
  • Included different spots that their guests can visit and enjoy

22. Duran and Kirsten

Amazing wedding website example

Duran and Kirsten is an amazing wedding website example.

What is it about?

When entering the website, the first thing that you notice is the logo of both Duran and Kirsten initials. They have also included a song on the homepage that describes their relationship. The website uses a one-page scrolling feature with the menu on the right side of the screen. Parallax scrolling was also used in the middle of the homepage. Short texts communicate all essential information to the guests. Contrary to other registries, Duran and Kirsten have included their banking details for monetary gifts. This is a great idea if you are not interested in getting new things. 

The key features:

  • The well-designed logo 
  • One-page and parallax scrolling
  • The use of pictures as dividers
  • Included a song to make the website more interactive

23. Jenny and Grayden (made with Zyro)

Beautifully designed wedding website example

Jenny and Grayden is a beautifully designed wedding website example.

What is the website about?

The use of distinct colors for Jenny and Grayden is a wonderful idea. The remarkable design showing their relationship story and how their paths crossed makes the website engaging. They have also used a timeline feature to showcase their adventure together. The slide feature for both their pictures and wedding parties helps to make the website shorter. It improves web users’ experience, especially with the one-page scrolling feature. Using text boxes attracts the attention of the guests to the essential information provided. R.S.V.P. is the first thing that you see on the home page. Guests can easily confirm their presence and who they will bring along.

The key features:

  • A beautiful design of two colors joining and mixing together to display their story
  • Using slides to prevent the website from being too long
  • Grooms and bridesmaids section follows the distinct colors used for Jenny and Grayden
  • Step-by-step guide on how to use the registry

24. Amelia & Steve

Well-illustrated wedding website example

Amelia & Steve is the well illustrated wedding website example.

What is the website about?

The most striking feature of the website is the lack of photos. Instead, Amelia and Steve have used the illustrations made by one of the bridesmaids to provide a personal touch to their website. They also use color blocking that makes the website more appealing. All portraits of the wedding parties have been painted to give an artistic feel to the website. Amelia and Steve have included an FAQ section where their guests can get more information about the wedding. It covers topics from the agenda to dress code and meals. This prevents their mail inboxes from being filled with questions from their guests. 

The best features:

  • Illustrations and paintings instead of photos
  • Color blocking 
  • One-page scrolling
  • Prints and patterns make the website more exciting and jovial 

25. Alice and Gene 

Engaging and enjoyable wedding website example

Alice and Gene is an Engaging and enjoyable wedding website example.

What is the website about?

Alice and Gene have designed their website using parallax and one-page scrolling. Using different animations and effects, the website provides information in a fun way. The different positions of the texts also keep the guests entertained whilst scrolling the page. The pretty illustrations of mountains and snow correlate perfectly with the wedding location. They added details on transportation and accommodation to help guests organize their stay for the wedding. Activities are also included on the website with effects. Hovering effects with the cursor are also included in the website.

The highlights:

  • Parallax and one-page scrolling
  • The light grey background accentuates the vibrant colors found in the pictures
  • Their quote ‘Marry Monday’ is out of the ordinary and makes it easier to remember the date

26. Luc and Casey (made with Wix)

A perfect example of a destination wedding website

Luc and Casey is a perfect example of a destination wedding website.

What makes the website interesting?

The website uses a one-page scrolling feature with full-width pictures as dividers. The texts are concise and short to improve users’ experience when navigating the website. The use of black and white pictures with gold accents provides great visuals. Luc and Casey have even added a calendar feature that allows you to add the date to your personal digital calendar. This ensures that guests will be reminded of the wedding. The mixture of text and pictures as dividers makes the website more engaging to use. They have also included direct links to the different accommodations and transport facilities for their guests. The R.S.V.P. feature helps the couple to organize their guests’ list and keep track of the numbers.

The best features are:

  • One-page scrolling
  • Using black and white photos with gold accents
  • Pictures dividing the page increases engagement
  • R.S.V.P. feature to organize the guests

27. Judie and Z 

A fabulous example of a wedding website

Judie and Z is the fabulous example of a wedding website.

What is it about?

Judy and Z created a website that represents their couple’s dynamic. You can observe that they have put a lot of effort into the planning and creation of the website. They chose a one-page scrolling design to display the layout of the website. A slide feature is used to showcase the timeline of their journey together. Their gallery display also uses the slide feature. It helps guests to view information without scrolling too much. Judy and Z have used different displays for each section. They range from two columns to a double circle format. This keeps the website visually interesting. During their ceremony, Judy and Z have also created the #JudieandZ to gain more exposure for their wedding. All pictures taken were then displayed during the reception. 

The key features:

  • One-page scrolling layout
  • Slide design to display pictures and the timeline 
  • Different formats are used to create great visuals
  • Using #JudieandZ to involve their guests during the wedding

Best Website Builders to Launch Your Wedding Website

There are several website builders on the market who target wedding websites. We have analyzed different website builders and have chosen the top three best wedding website builders.

1. Wix

Best website builder for beginners 

Wix is the best website builder for beginners.

Wix is a perfect website builder for couples who have zero experience in creating a wedding website. The software has all the tools needed to build and publish your dream website from scratch and no coding is involved. 

Having a special drag and drop tool facilitates the creation of the website. 

Wix also has unique software that uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) that builds customized websites. Choosing your style and layout is a piece of cake. The theme and color palette are adjustable. You can also upload your own personal photos on the website. 

If you want to start your website from scratch, Wix contains 800+ templates that designers have created. You get HTML5 websites without any coding. 

There is also a blog where it highlights the best website examples and gives tips and tricks on how to make a good website. 

Wix provides special features like multilingual websites, mobile view websites, and an SSL certificate that protects the privacy of your web users. It is among one of the lowest-priced website builders starting with $4.50/month.

You also get a guarantee of 24/7 customer service in case of any difficulties. They even offer VIP phone support if you upgrade your monthly subscription.

2. Squarespace

Fantastic website builder to create a picture-based wedding website

Squarespace is a fantastic website builder to create a picture based wedding website.

Squarespace is an impressive website builder because of the versatility of its themes and templates. The website builder offers several templates specially created for wedding websites. It has become one of the go-to website builders for couples.

Squarespace has added new features to its editor software. It now contains more versatile templates and pre-built page sections that help you save time.

The pricing of $12/month for a personal website is much higher compared to other website builders. However, this monthly subscription does not contain any Squarespace ads unlike the $4.50/month Wix subscription. You also get a free domain name registration for the first year of using Squarespace. 

There are more than 100 well-designed templates that are available. They have been designed with a special feature of optimal mobile and tablet view. Your guests will experience a beautiful website layout even when using their phones.

Squarespace’s templates use a mixture of different images to highlight the websites. You can design your website using your personal images to share those pictures with family and friends.

The website builder also offers the option of a comment section where guests can ask their questions or congratulate you for this milestone. It also prevents you from answering a lot of emails with the same question. 

Their customer service is a live chat feature where you get advice to tackle your difficulties. The platform is known for its helpful 24/7 customer service team. 

You can download one of their five applications on your phone to design your website. The app helps you create and edit almost all aspects of the website on the apps. The most useful one is called Squarespace and is available for androids and IOS. 

3. 10Web

Amazing website builder with the best privacy security feature

10Web is an amazing website builder with the best privacy security feature.

10Web covers all the demands of having a website by providing a range of support from hosting to website backup and security. Their aim is to provide an all-in-one website builder that has all equipment needed to build a website with no coding involved. It uses WordPress Content Management System (CMS) as the software for building websites. 

The innovative website builder uses a drag-and-drop feature that is similar to Wix. You can add or remove page elements that are best suited for your wedding website. 

10Web has a special feature called the Elementor Page Builder. This plugin feature makes the whole process faster and easier. It accentuates all the widgets and options that WordPress offers to format your website.

Using WordPress as the CMS software provides a wide array of themes to help you customize your wedding website. The powerful website builder offers user-friendly Google Cloud Hosting that has a secure network to monitor your website. 

10Web includes a ‘stage section’ where you can see how the features that you designed will be displayed and used on your website. This original characteristic does not change anything to the live website. 

The website builder integrates 50+ premium plugins that optimize the design and structure of your wedding website. These plugins work harmoniously with WordPress to design the best wedding website with minimum effort.

Next Step: Create your own Wedding Website

Creating your wedding website can be daunting. We have included a few essential features that should be present on your website to make your website efficient and beneficial for your guests. 

1. Your story

Everyone is curious about the couple. They want to know how the two of you first met, the evolution of your relationship, and of course, the proposal. This is a great way to share your journey together with your friends and families. 

2. Wedding date and venue

This is the most important information to guests; when and where the wedding will take place. This should be a short and brief section found on the homepage. It is better to put it at the top of the page for easy access for your guests. 

Here is your chance to showcase all the beautiful pictures that you have taken together. It could include different pictures during the time spent together and the proposal. 

4. Location, accommodation, and activity details

It is crucial for you to include directions to the wedding venue and reception. You do not want your guests to arrive late to your wedding because they got lost. It is a very useful feature especially if you are planning a destination wedding and no one knows the area.

Maps and links to the venue and accommodation help guests prepare themselves for your wedding. It is a good idea to add activities that family and friends can enjoy while visiting the area. 

5. Registry 

This depends on your needs and wants as a couple. You can add your list of products from different online shops or include your bank account details for monetary gifts. 

6. R.S.V.P.

It enables you to organize and keep track of who is coming to your wedding. It is a much easier process as all the confirmations are found in one place.

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