Dancer Websites: 15 Beautiful & Lively Examples

Updated Jul 28, 2023.

Do professional dancers need a website? The answer is yes. Creating a professional and visually-appealing dancer website is essential if you want to promote your craft to a larger audience than you can physically reach.

However, building a top-notch dancer website is no easy task. You can decide to hire a website developer to build one for you but the cost involved can be expensive.

A better alternative is to use the best website builders like Wix and Squarespace. They provide the necessary templates and tools you need to build a top-notch website to boost your career at an affordable cost.

This article covers 15 beautiful dancer website examples you can follow and use as inspiration to design your own site.

Let's get started.

1. Mesma Belsare - Dancer Website Example
Source: Mesma belsare

Mesma Belsare's dance website has a colorful theme and contains written content about the star and her journey as a dancer. The first two images on her home page describe Mesma as a passionate dancer and painter.

Visitors can enjoy amazing photos and videos where she performed at events and during rehearsals. She went over the hedge by including her painting portfolio which features watercolor, oils, and pen and ink paintings.

The navigation bar at the top of the site makes it easy for visitors to travel around every aspect of the site.

2. Josh Rubietta - Dancer Website Example
Source: Josh rubietta

Josh Rubietta opens the floor with a stunning background picture where he is dancing and having the time of his life. I like how the light sage background makes Josh’s name and pictures pop.

The menu bars are spacious, making it impossible for visitors to click the wrong heading. His portfolio website features content about his music and acting career. Visitors can click each heading to explore these areas of their life.

The “ME” page features a shining blue call to action button which takes you to a page that contains his dance resume.

3. Benny Simon - Dancer Website Example
Source: Benny simon

The white background on Benny Simon's dance website helps give life to the sea of text and images on every site page. Everyone loves a slideshow of pictures as the welcoming element on a website page. Benny has a couple of pictures moving in a loop for visitors to enjoy.

I like how he puts his name at the top of the page, and the navigation bar is directly under it. The “Above” page features a short biography of Danny's dance career and a black CTA button that links to his CV.

Klajdi Kasemi is a professional ballroom dancer, instructor, and skilled choreographer. I love the looping effect he uses to showcase special memories of his dance career.

Visitors can check his photo gallery and other exciting features on his website by clicking the hamburger menu bar.

The “Let’s Dance” and “Schedule a Lesson Today” call-to-action buttons are one-way tickets to starting your journey as a dancer in Klajdi’s school. A compelling element is the boldly written “New Student Special” text which no visitors can ignore.

Charles Fournier's dark theme background website contains a detailed catalog of his exploits as a dancer. You will find images of Charles dancing with choreographers and people cheering him on. 

The Biography page has a stunning picture of Charles, short biography, and a catalog of stage / live, theater, training & workshops, and film/television performances. His three-minute video on the “Reel” page features his various performances.

I love the splash of Colombia blue in different parts of the website to give it that sophisticated and elegant outlook.

Sloan Rousos performs multiple dance styles including jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, and contemporary. Her website welcomes visitors with a mind-blowing image of Sloan performing an air split to wow her audience. 

She has a lovely picture of her face, initials, email, phone number, and social media icons on the right corner of her page.

This one-page website has multiple videos and images of Sloan with dancers in a live studio, events, and concerts. The arrangement of the pictures follows a vertical structure with proper management of white spaces.

The stunning black and white pictures are my favorite part of Tiffani Russell's dance portfolio website.

Most dancer websites use a video or multiple slideshows as the welcoming element on the homepage. Tiffani uses a different approach by using her name in big and clear fonts and stunning pictures as the icing on the cake.

Navigating her site is easy due to the positioning of the navigation bar at the top and the middle of the home page. You can visit her social media profile by clicking the icons at the left corner of the page.

8. Parsons Dance - Dancer Website Example
Source: Parsons dance

Parsons Dance's homepage welcomes you with a great background video featuring professional dancers on stage. The company’s logo colors and the “Donate” call to action button give the homepage a compelling vibe; visitors will want to smash that button.

I love how the site has so many images and CTA buttons at every section of the pages. Navigation has never been easier with a visible menu bar at the top and footer of the page.

Gracie Epperson's two-page website features her home page and a contact page. The home page begins with a stunning picture of Gracie doing an air split and showing her dance moves. 

Visitors can seamlessly click the chat icon or the “Contact Me” call to action button on the page to contact her without breaking a sweat.

On the other hand, the “Contact” page has minimal text but it features her initials, phone number, and email. She combines colors like black, white, and cashmere to give her website that exotic and warm look.

10. Majid Kessab - Dancer Website Example
Source: Majid kessab

Majid Kessab's website design has various jaw-dropping features to get visitors glued to the page. The first element that got my attention is the background animation video where Majid is performing a freestyle dance. 

He arranges four social media icons side-by-side to ensure visitors don't pass on the opportunity to check out more of his dance performances.

The night and day mode switch on the left side of the page is a unique element that gives the page a fun and sophisticated vibe.

I have got just three words to describe Tara Nicole Hughes's dance website; concise, elegant, and sophisticated.

The arrangement of the site pages makes the website look like a well-furnished house. As you explore, you will find four pages that include credits, lifestyle, calendar, and contact pages.

Her home page features Tara’s biography and a gorgeous picture. You will discover various mind-blowing facts about her accomplishments and how bulkley her resume is on the “Credits” page.

12. Emma Gassett - Dancer Website Example
Source: Emma gassett

The image of Emma Gassett dancing on her welcome is graceful and will put a smile on your face. I like how her name is written in bold text and what she does in stylish fonts.

Her welcome page is only the tip of the iceberg. Visitors can click the electric lavender-colored call to action button to explore her dance website further.

Emma’s biography page has a lovely picture of her face and another full-bodied image while dancing. The dominant colors on the website include black, white, and electric lavender.

13. Rachele Italiano Perla - Dancer Website Example
Source: Racheleperla

Rachele Italiano Perla is a professional dancer, artist, and performer with a smoking-hot website design.

I love her elegant homepage picture where she is dancing and having a great time. Below the welcome image is a drop-down button that takes you to a slideshow of Rachele’s performances. 

She added an “Upcoming Event” page to keep fans updated about events and how they can be a part of her journey as an artist. The “Reel” page features a five-minute video of different dance performances.

Nicole Closson is a dancer and choreographer who grew up in Los Gatos, California. Visitors will love Nicole’s stunning images on all the site pages. She has a catalog of dance pictures on her gallery page.

The contents on the site pages are not much, but you will find dance videos and images in strategic places. 

Check out her recent projects to verify how good she is by watching the videos on the “Latest Works” page. The website footer features an Instagram icon that links directly to Nicole’s profile.

15. Wade Robson - Dancer Website Example
Source: Waderobson

I love the combination of a picture slideshow moving in the same paths and a background dance video of Wade Robson’s performance. 

His website is concise and features vital content such as a Life mentoring page. Interested visitors can book a mentoring section by clicking on the “Book” call to action button in front of each mentoring package.

The page features testimonials of past clients who are now better dancers. You can listen to Wade’s podcasts by clicking the “Podcast” heading on the menu bar. The “Dance page” features various Youtube dance videos.

Dancer Websites FAQs

What are the Best Dancer Website Builders?

The best website builders that will give you your money's worth are Wix and Squarespace. These website builders have state-of-the-art dance templates and various website-building tools to help you create personalized websites that meet your unique requirements. 

What Should Be Included on the Dancer Website?

The first element is a striking domain name that makes people find your website seamlessly. Secondly, your website theme must portray your personality and style. Other relevant elements include; home page, about page, portfolio, contact page, reels, and dance images. 

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