Food Websites: 29 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

A good food website design can be the difference between a successful food brand and a struggling one.

Owning a food website can help you build a strong online presence and boost your food business profits. You can use the best website builders like Squarespace and Wix to build your dream site even if you don’t have design or coding skills.

This article covers 29 good food website designs inspired by some of the world’s most renowned professional chefs.

1. Big Tree Farms - Food Website Example
Source: Bigtreefarms

Big Tree's site uses a carousel function to display its most popular recipes alongside creative and mouth-watering pictures of the completed dishes.

I love Big Tree’s overall aesthetic. Its website design is very professional with the right color consistency that helps customers avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on the brand’s true organic nature.

You can't help but love the perfect balance of the images and text on the website. This food website displays logos of food certification organizations that recommend it to establish credibility and trust in its services.

2. Xi’an Famous Foods - Food Website Example
Source: Xianfoods

Xi’an's Famous Foods, a New-York based Chinese food chain decision to build a website has taken its fine dining experience to the next level. I love how this food website takes advantage of how aesthetically pleasing the contrast of black and white is in delivering information. 

This site blends its subtle CTAs with the slickest user experience and a stylish font selection. 

Xi’an's Famous Foods displays important information about its restaurant locations and their opening and closing times. I love how the meal remains the central focus with an image grid that allows users to compare and contrast between meals.

3. Red Bamboo - Food Website Example
Source: Redbamboo

Red Bamboo is one of the best food websites you can emulate to design your own site. The first thing that captures your attention is the full-width photograph of enticing dishes with Red Bamboo’s logo and slogan at the homepage’s center.

I love how the food website uses social marketing by displaying small clickable icons on its social media accounts. The use of glowing testimonials from clients helps boost the brand’s image and establishes trust in its food services.

Ocelot Chocolate is a Scotland-based producer of artisanal organic sweet treats that pushes the visual envelope design into new directions with its bold and colorful website. 

This site which roams around being a food website or a food museum uses little text and large image blocks to dominate its homepage. 

I love the use of clean lines, sharp edges, and a strong sense of symmetry to design its online shop. Positioning the store icon at the top sidebar position is just a click away.

5. Sakara - Food Website Example
Source: Sakara

Sakara is a nutritional-based food website in the business of offering healthy natural supplements and snacks that helps their users maintain healthy lifestyles. I love how the homepage displays high-quality pictures of several healthy products with their health benefits. 

The Sakara stories section adds a personal touch to this site as it features stories from their community of customers with encouraging stories to tell.

6. Bombay Wok - Food Website Example
Source: Bombaywok

Bombay Wok’s GoDaddy-enabled food website uses high-quality and large images of the restaurant interior to immerse visitors in the dining experience. 

If that was not enough, there is an automatically rotating image gallery of the restaurant’s best recipes that are all Asian-Inspired. 

What strikes me the most about this website is the interactive carousel format it uses to showcase carefully selected persuasive reviews on its Facebook page.

7. A Perfect Plate - Food Website Example
Source: Aperfectplate

A perfect plate is on the good food website list. Its fresh and clean website design incorporates friendly imagery complemented by bright and flowery backgrounds. The use of black CTA buttons is great and contrasts well with the site’s background design. 

I love how this food website converts your home into a dine-in restaurant with the best chef serving you from your house.

8. Di Bruno Bros - Food Website Example
Source: Dibruno

Di Bruno Bros’s website uses a slideshow function to show high-quality images of the company’s delicious meals and wares. The use of a plain white and dark background makes the picture and text more visible. 

What grabs your attention as you browse through the site is its eye-catching deals and discounts that periodically pop up on the screen.

I love the search feature that makes it easier for users to find various food items the brand offers and its store locations.

9. Yang’s Place - Food Website Example
Source: Yangs

Yang’s Place is a family-owned Chinese restaurant with a beautiful website design that stands out from the other examples. The first thing that captures your attention is the drawings of food ingredients and the Yang’s Place logo at the center. 

I love how it hides its navigation menus. Visitors can click on the three-dash lines to get access to its menus. 

This food website uses a geometrical outlay that uses square and rectangular boxes with beautiful food images to hold your attention.

10. Pierre Thiam - Food Website Example
Source: Pierrethiam

As simple and plain as any food website’s homepage can be, the homepage of Pierre’s food website is minimalistic. You can’t miss the large-font text in black taking center stage and serving as a brief bio about the chef. 

Pierre Thiam uses a touch of gold on a plain white background to add sparkles and luxury to his website. There’s a slideshow of some of the delicious creations the chef has made, with the dishes often arranged in a creative style.

11. Jones Bar-B-Q - Food Website Example
Source: Jonesbbqkc

Jones Bar-B-Q, other than its creatively crafted name, took creativity to a whole new level when designing its food website. This site is just as chilly as the products they offer with an allred background with fine white prints.

The logo embodied with a burning fire at the top left corner of the homepage is eye-catching and suitable for a food sauce brand. 

Just above the constantly rotating horizontal text beneath is information regarding the days and times the restaurant is open. Jones Bar-B-Q allows their customers to fill in their email addresses to receive regular news and updates.

12. Bandits - Food Website Example
Source: Banditsnyc

Bandit doubles as a restaurant and bar in New York, offering cold beer and cocktails with traditional bar food. This food site design has a horizontal slideshow with its location carefully crafted into the text on display

There is a CTA button crafted in green to help users book their visit from the comfort of their homes. What is most appealing about the site is the slideshow of fresh meals on display to give it a personalized look.

13. Ben & Jerry’s - Food Website Example
Source: Benjerry

Ben & Jerry’s website uses a unique layout and bold imagery to shine the spotlight on its products, mission, and vision. I love how it makes clear its commitment to using sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients to create its unique ice cream recipe. 

The activism feature on the menu section is a nice inclusion to cover every ethical dilemma question you might have about the ice cream flavor brand. 

Ben & Jerry displays blog articles that contain the latest food trends, inspired by the brand’s resolve to make the world a better place.

14. Manilife - Food Website Example
Source: Mani-life

Manilife is a food brand that makes and sells peanut butter to the world. This brand uses a clean web design and aesthetic slideshow to showcase some of its products.

The free shipping offer displayed on the top of the homepage is a nice touch, written in dark blue, making it hard for visitors to miss it. I love how the brand’s website design is fun and aesthetically engaging.

15. FEZ - Food Website Example

FEZ is one of the best food websites that you will love to model your site after. I love how it uses complementary color schemes (punchy orange, white, and Bondi blue) to show an energetic and fun vibe.

The food website displays different high-quality food images in a loop. You can't help but enjoy how FEZ organizes its homepage and other pages in an engaging and memorable way.

The supernatural kitchen brand devises creative ways to help its customers get creative in the kitchen with the help of plant-based recipes. I love how the website uses a colorful background that matches its brand colors.

On both sides of the supernatural logo are three menu options that help you easily navigate the different aspects of the website. The story section uses short videos and colorful images that playfully describe what the brand is all about.

Babish’s food website is more of a video blog, unlike other food websites. The chef in charge, Andrew Rae, is a filmmaker that offers a cooking show with regular cooking tips. 

Andrew aims to educate and encourage orders as an example of a foodie with taste. He adds direct links to his social media pages including his YouTube vlog

One standout feature of this cooking website is the back-to-the-top button that takes visitors back to the top of the page. 

I love the Recipes CTA button which opens you up to an entirely new page of videos of various recipes with detailed instructions.

18. Kettle and Fire - Food Website Example
Source: Kettleandfire

Kettle and Fire tick all of the boxes for a well-designed and specific-to-detail website. You can’t help but love the clean and neat design that conveys the natural aesthetic of their products. 

Unlike most online websites, this food website messaging icon provides a direct link to contact the company online and allows you to track and manage your orders.

The human-like icon, which is the accessibility icon, allows users to make adjustments on the site, from color to content and orientation. There is a safety option for users with disabilities to help them navigate through the site.

19. Oishii - Food Website Example
Source: Oishii

Oishii, an indoor strawberry farm, was founded by Hiroki Koga, with a passion for quality over quantity which is translated into the food website design

This food website uses red color to match and complement the redness of the strawberries on display spot on. 

An added touch is the inclusion of the logos of notable sites like the New York Times and Forbes with links attached to them for social proof. What I love most is the bold visual content that this site uses to pass the brand’s message.

The Fork and Pencil website has a clean-cut and lovely all-around design. There are four sets of cuisine pictures taking center stage in a two-column layout that captures visitors’ attention.

You get a monthly list of recipes delivered directly to your inbox to create your dishes with the newsletter feature. 

The search feature on the top right corner of the homepage makes searching for recipes easier. There are small social media icons at the top left corner of the homepage that redirects you to the appropriate contact page.

The bold and natural images on the Caribeans website’s homepage give visitors an idea of the quality of products this coffee brand offers. 

What is astonishing about this website’s design is how the social media icons move from their initial position at the top to the bottom when scrolling. This feature serves as social media integration for social connection.

Cinnamon Society maintains a consistent theme with a subtle color undertone that makes it stand out from other food and cooking websites. This website uses different shades of nude brown and beautiful shapes and graphics that appeal to the eyes. 

I love how Cinnamon Society integrates its latest posts into its homepage with attractive food pictures. There’s a search function that visitors can use to find their ideal food choice.

Miracle Noodle is a plant-based food company offering healthy food choices. I love how the company’s logo matches the first high-quality image on the website, a bowl full of noodles. 

The site’s careful use of white and green colors reflects its brand’s intent of producing nutritional and healthy natural products. As a first-time visitor, you will get drawn to the simple headline Miracle Noodle uses to describe what the website is about.

24. Huel - Food Website Example
Source: Huel

The headline is one feature that Huel is bold about, claiming the title of the No 1 world’s complete food that offers vegan recipes. 

I love the high-quality image of its products and how it uses white and black color schemes consistently throughout the website to match its brand image. 

Huel uses several bold headings and claims to convert as many visitors as possible into healthy customers. This website includes a rating feature, showing ratings obtained from several reputable sources to back its bold claim.

25. Nicecream - Food Website Example
Source: Nice cream

Nicecream’s website is full of vibrant colors largely because its products also come in several colors. The colors on display on the site are linked to a particular flavor color associated with the brand. 

What I love is the menu design, which reflects the nature of what the brand is offering. There is a background music player that helps make the user experience better.

Think of a website with a great user experience, you expect a seamless website. Southern Kitchen’s website goes over and beyond, making it easy for users to order online by displaying its menu boldly on the order online page

This website design provides users with ease and convenience while using the site, with amazing features, making shopping easy.

27. Destihl - Food Website Example
Source: Destihl

Desithl, a restaurant and brewery website, maintains a simple layout and color scheme spread across all its pages (talk about consistency). 

This food website applies shades of different colors to ensure the site is far from dull, with black and white colors dominating. Including an About section on the homepage is a subtle touch that draws people closer to the brand.

As a family-owned Korean restaurant, Gogi’s Restaurant brings recipes and delicacies from Korea all the way to New Orleans, United States. 

This food website describes all its dishes and delicacies on its site with images to ensure customers have an idea of what is available. 

I love how the menu list displayed on the website is well organized for the utmost convenience for both first-time and returning online customers.

Taking center stage is a mini celebration picture in one of the restaurants with happy faces poised to make even the saddest of faces light up. 

But beyond aesthetics and imagery, what stands out for me about this site is the inclusion of the Google Maps feature. It points out various restaurant locations around the globe. With this feature, you can find the nearest restaurants to your location.

Food Websites FAQs

What Are the Best Food Website Builders?

The best food website builders are Squarespace and Wix. Squarespace is great for creating visually appealing and mobile friendly websites with features for building an online presence. Wix offers beautiful templates for different food industry websites. 

What Are the Best Food Niches to Start Your Online Business?

The best food niches to start your online business include food trucks, coffee shops, ice cream shops, baby foods, pre-packaged snacks, cooking classes, organic foods, meal kits, and baked goods.

What Makes Up a Good Food Website Design?

A good food website provides high-quality and engaging content relating to the food business and uses a user-friendly design and easy-to-navigate interface. If you want your food website to stand out from the competition, think in terms of creating an irresistible brand.

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