Best Makeup Artist Websites of 2024 | 32 Inspiring Examples

Updated Sep 17, 2023.

Are you a makeup artist searching for the best techniques to design your own website? Do you want to build a professional makeup artist portfolio but lack design ideas and inspiration?

Many makeup artists struggle because of poorly designed websites that are incapable of promoting their brands and attracting clients.

Designing a beautiful makeup artist website can set you apart from the competition. You don’t have to hire a website developer. Use state-of-the-art website builders like Squarespace and Wix to create the ideal professional makeup website that represents your brand.

This article compiles the 32 best makeup artist websites with stunning designs you can use as inspiration when creating your own professional website.

Let’s get started.

1. Joy Adenuga - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Joy adenuga

Joy Adenuga is a multi-award-winning educator and celebrity makeup artist with over a decade of experience in the makeup industry. Her brand offers top-notch bridal makeup services. 

The hero section features a visually appealing picture of models and an engaging biography section about Joy Adenuga’s exploits in the beauty industry. 

I like how this stunning website design has a soft color palette with vital elements like high-quality images and beauty brands’ logos for social proof.

2. Brit Cochran - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Brit cochran

Brit Cochran is a New York City-based professional makeup artist, fashion designer, graphic designer, creative art director, visual merchandiser, and trend researcher.

Her multiple-page portfolio website features a unique design layout with the homepage displaying only a slideshow that changes its content automatically. 

The drop-down navigation menu is your one-stop shop for exploring every aspect of the webpage seamlessly. Visitors can use the “Portfolio” CTA button at the base of the page to explore the site’s portfolio page.

Emiko is a skilled award-winning makeup artist who specializes in using Japanese, Korean, and other Asian makeup styles to make her clients look beautiful. 

What's handy about this professional makeup artist website is the sticky navigation bar that aids in-depth exploration across the various site pages. I like how she uses a slideshow in the testimonial section to make it interactive and engaging to site visitors.

Visitors can use the contact form on the white-colored site footer to reach Emiko and request her services or to make inquiries about her brand.

The Bridal Stylists comprises a team of professional hair and bridal makeup specialists based in the south of England, Oxford, Surrey, and Sussex. This makeup artist's website has a colorful design layout with its dominant colors being almond, aqua haze, white, and lavender gray.

I love how the parallax scrolling effect and stylish fonts give the webpage an engaging look to get potential customers excited about the site’s content.

The site’s footer contains the logo of awards this makeup brand has received due to its exceptional services and excellence.

Black Canvas Beauty Collective has a good makeup artist website design with various eye-catching elements that will influence the perception of potential customers.

This makeup artist’s website welcomes visitors with a mind-blowing looping background video featuring a newly wedded bride having the time of her life. I like how the webpage uses stylish fonts in its content section which gives the site a sophisticated outlook.

Potential customers and visitors can feast on the contents in the black-colored site footer via the Instagram reels.

6. Lauren Reid - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Lauren reid

Lauren Reid is an accomplished makeup artist who has been in the beauty industry for more than a decade. She is popular for her natural beauty approach. Her website doubles as an eCommerce store where she sells healthy and effective beauty products.

You can explore the slideshow of high-quality images in the hero section. Visitors can seamlessly access Lauren Reid's social media accounts to get better insight into her makeup artistry business at the top of the page.

7. Amanda Roberts - Makeup Artist Website Example

Amanda Roberts is a London-based hair and makeup artist with over 20 years of experience. This webpage helps paint a clear picture of everything that is makeup-related and how Amanda Roberts expresses her passion by creating masterpieces in the makeup industry. 

The first catchy element is an automated slideshow of multiple stunning images displaying high-quality pictures of makeup models and hair products. 

I like how the parallax scrolling feature makes the exploration process fun and worthwhile. Visitors can use the sticky menu bar to explore various pages of this makeup website.

Ashley O'Rourke is a professional makeup artist based in Dublin, who specializes in special occasions and bridal makeup artistry.

Her professional website has a stunning outlook features a minimalist design layout and quality content that will compel visitors to book a section. 

I like how the home page uses a five-column grid layout with a thumbnail effect to structure the gallery section and promote exploration.

The site footer features multiple Instagram reels displaying content about Ashley O'Rourke’s makeup styles and makeup tips-related content. 

9. Dana Leviston - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Dana-leviston

Dana Leviston is a Melbourne-based makeup artist who specializes in vintage and retro-inspired creative and wedding makeup services.

As you explore her website, you'll see various stunning professional photo shoots of her makeup works in a two-column design layout. Each section features a CTA button at its base and titles for further exploration.  

Interested visitors can submit their contact details in the subscription column to get constant updates about Dana Leviston's exploits in the makeup industry. They can click the transparent “Book A Section” CTA button for her services.

Stephanie Schuh Beauty is a professional makeup artist who specializes in long-lasting makeup looks for weddings, boudoir shoots, and senior sessions. She has over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry.

The split page effect features two bridal pictures and the site’s logo at the center of the page gives the page a unique outlook. 

A significant element that makes this web page stand out is the strategic use of high-quality pictures to give visitors a peek into Stephanie’s professionalism.  

11. Coco Liu MakeUp - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Coco makeup

Coco Liu is a skilled makeup artist who started her craft at age 17 and has over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. She specializes in hair styling, makeup, skincare, and manicure.

Her makeup portfolio website has a unique design that makes it stand out among other professional makeup websites. 

The homepage features a full-width image with the navigation bar at the page base which is the online means of exploring the site’s content. Interested visitors can click on any of the three social media icons to explore her online profile.

Tahira is a skilled bridal hair and makeup artist with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. She makes and recommends responsibly-made beauty products.

Her online portfolio has a feminine color palette where she displays various content that amplifies her makeup skills and promotes the products she has for sale. 

Potential clients can use the search bar to seamlessly locate various items and contents of interest. I like how she features logos of top brands she collaborates with on various projects.

13. Amy Chan Hair & Makeup - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Amy chan

Amy Chan is one of the best Asian Makeup artists in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in bridal makeup artistry.

Her makeup website portrays her wedding theme by featuring elements that exude femininity and romanticism with a soft color palette to spice it up. 

I like how she displays logos of top publication brands like Hello May, Vogue, and Style Me Pretty that feature her brand to boost credibility.

New customers can explore the FAQs section to get insight into the operation of the brand and how to benefit from her services.

14. Sarina Durden Beauty - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Sarina durden

Sarina Durden Beauty is a team of licensed professional makeup artists offering dry hair styling and makeup services. 

This professional makeup portfolio page uses multiple grid layouts with thumbnail effects to display its content uniquely and engagingly. Clicking on any of these images will transport you to a new page that contains information on the makeup job.

The site footer contains logos of awards the brand has received due to its exceptional services in the makeup and fashion industry.

15. Andy Trieu - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Andyh trieu

Andy Trieu is a professional self-taught makeup artist from California who has a track record of working with top agency artists like Beau Nelson.

I like how the website features a sticky sidebar that vertically displays its content to give the page a unique outlook. The display section on the other half of the page uses a multiple-grid layout to arrange the site’s content elegantly.

Each of the images on the page has a thumbnail feature which upon clicking will lead visitors to a separate page for further exploration.

16. Makeup By Connie - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Connie

Connie is a professional on-site wedding makeup, airbrushing, Mas hairstylist, and special events. I love how she uses a slide to display multiple pictures of blockbuster movies, TV shows, and music videos that use her professional services.

What's handy about this makeup artist's website is its use of multiple high-quality images and the black background that makes every element shine.

The site footer houses content like Connie's contact details and a Google Maps feature to aid potential clients in locating her makeup studio. 

17. Becca Smith Makeup Artist - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Becca smith

Becca Smith is a certified makeup artist based in Rockhampton, Queensland. She uses high-quality brands like Kryolan, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, and Fenty.

Her professional website doubles as an online store where she sells items like makeup products, brushes, and other effect beauty products. I love how she uses a three-column design layout to arrange the videos in the Instagram reels section. 

The About page features insightful and heartwarming information about Becca and her exploits in the beauty industry. Visitors can click any of the social media icons on the site footer for further exploration.

18. Patrick Ta - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Patrick ta

Patrick Ta is a professional makeup artist known for his innovative and glamorous makeup styles that make his models stand out.

Prospective customers can use the sticky navigation bar to explore various aspects of the site and take necessary actions. The search function makes it easy for visitors to search for items and relevant content on the page.

I like how the page features catchy elements like moving texts, graphics designs, high-quality pictures, and engaging content. Interested visitors can submit their details in the newsletter column for constant updates.

19. Ivana Kostova Beauty - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Ivana kostova

Ivana Kostova Beauty is a London-based makeup artist and professional hairstylist who uses her talents mainly for weddings. 

Her one-page website features all relevant content about her and makeup-related services. Visitors can explore details ranging from pricing packages and reviews to a vibrant portfolio and details of her working methods.

I like how she uses a slideshow in the testimonial section to showcase multiple heartwarming comments from satisfied customers. The cadet gray footer features a mega menu bar and details like email address and toll-free number.

20. Anthonia Makeup - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Anthonia

Anthonia Makeup is a professional bridal makeup artist who offers private makeup lessons to interested clients. Her services range from photoshoots, video production, Halloween makeup, and event makeup.

Her website has a minimalist and straightforward design layout with a black-and-white color scheme that gives the page a sophisticated outlook. The page welcomes visitors with a stunning picture of Anthonia, which helps to give a face to the brand. 

Interested clients can click any of the two black-colored CTA buttons to book their services or to explore their beauty store to make purchases.

Melodie Briere is an experienced makeup artist who has been making her way in the beauty industry for over 12 years. 

The parallax scrolling effect makes exploring this makeup artist's webpage fun and engaging and leaves visitors interested in Melodie’s services. 

I love how she strategically features eye-catching photos of her services from different angles to give visitors a sneak peek into her services. The hero section features a transparent “My Portfolio” CTA button with a hover effect that leads to her portfolio page.

Michelle Patricio is a professional makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup artistry, skincare consultation, and hair design.

The hero section on the web page features a slideshow displaying some of her work to incite the interest of visitors. Her minimalist multi-page website features a vertical navigation bar that houses links to other pages which potential clients can use to explore the webpage. 

Visitors can access her gallery by clicking on the portfolio menu to view beautiful photos that capture the elegance of her bridal hairstyling.

The Glitter Collective specializes in Imaginative makeup, body paint artistry, and creative makeup for events and photo shoots. 

I like how the home page features an eye-catching splash of colorful pictures with a thumbnail effect that links to a separate page for more information. 

The white background makes all the colorful elements on the web page visible to interested clients and visitors. I love how the mega menu at the top of the page makes exploring multiple pages easy.

24. KayleighKMUA - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Kayleighkmua

Kayleigh is a professional makeup artist based in East London and she has more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. This makeup artist's website features a drop-down menu with contents that links to multiple pages.

Visitors can click the back colored “Go to Portfolio” CTA button to access KayleighKMUA’s portfolio page to have a sneak peek into her various projects. 

The use of various eye-catching and high-quality images makes the page unique and visually appealing to potential clients who want to book her services.

25. Gehnaa Advani - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Gehna advani

Gehnaa Advani is a popular multi-platform social media influencer who has a knack for topics and content related to fashion makeup, life, and travel.

The webpage has a simple and concise layout with multiple high-quality makeup-themed images from the top to the bottom of the homepage. Each of these images has a thumbnail effect and links to different pages where visitors can have a full view of the images.

Interested visitors can use the search function at the top of the page to locate specific items and breeze through the website.

Naomi Nakamura is a freelance makeup artist based in London who uses top brands like Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Gucci to execute her projects.

The homepage features a grid format to display high-resolution images of Naomi’s makeup and fashion projects. Visitors can explore the portfolio page via the mage menu bar at the top of the site to access more makeup-related content with ease.

Potential customers can get all the necessary details they require to reach Naomi Nakamura by clicking the contact page link.

27. Rayne Fisher - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Rayne fisher

Rayne Fisher is a Canada-based skilled freelance makeup artist specializing in makeup for creative and editorial photo shoots. 

This professional makeup website has a colorful and energetic design layout which gives the page a friendly and warm feel. The hero section features a stunning image of four ladies, large welcoming text, and CTA buttons that link to unique pages.

Visitors can use the sticky drop-down navigation bar at the top and the base of the webpage to explore various angles of the site without sweat. 

28. Dana Matta - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Dana matta

Dana is a highly skilled Paul Mitchell-trained stylist with the latest makeup trends in tools, techniques, and styles.

I like how she displays her brand logo at the top right corner of the homepage and the drop-down menu is on the same line. Visitors can use the menu bar to access various pages on the site and take necessary actions.

This multi-page website features multiple high-quality photos that display Dana’s expertise as a skilled makeup artist.

29. Jaimee Rosko - Makeup Artist Website Example
Source: Jaimee rosko

Jaimee Rosko is a multi-talented artist who has executed projects in TV shows, movies, and commercials. As a skilled photographer, she creates masterpieces for weddings, special events, and food.

Her website’s homepage features multiple projects in video and picture format. Each content has a thumbnail feature which makes it possible for visitors to have a detailed view of what it entails.

The mega navigation bar features social media icons visitors can use to access Jaimee Rosko's online profile to get more content on her projects.

Brittany is an award-winning makeup artist based in Sydney Australia. She specializes in Bridal, Event, and Editorial Makeup. Her professional makeup website has a feminine color palette with its dominant colors being white, edgewater, and mint creme. 

The hero section features an automated slider that engagingly displays multiple high-quality images to grab visitors' attention on arrival. 

I like how she displays logos of her multiple awards on the site’s footer to boost her brand’s credibility and enhance social proof. Visitors can check out her Instagram content by clicking the reels.

Jacqueline Parker Creative is a premium hair and makeup agency that specializes in creating stunning looks for their clients on various occasions.

The first catchy element is a stunning background video that displays a lady who looks beautiful due to her makeup and hair. 

Visitors can use the peach-colored live chat sticky widget at the right corner of the page to book the agency’s services or make inquiries. The page’s footer houses vital information like email addresses, toll-free numbers, social media icons, and two CTA buttons.

Rebecca Rose is an award-winning makeup artist, lash technician, and certified wax technician who loves making people look beautiful and confident. 

I love how she arranges the site’s content in a zig-zag format mixing texts, CTA buttons, and high-quality images in an engaging fashion.

Her website doubles as an online store that enables visitors and potential clients to purchase various beauty products without breaking a sweat. I like how she uses stylish and straight fronts for the page’s content which gives the page an elegant outlook.

Best Makeup Artist Websites FAQs

How Do I Create a Professional Makeup Artist Website?

Creating a professional makeup artist website that will get visitors' attention on arrival is not as difficult as it sounds. The first step is to hire a professional website designer or use website builders like Squarespace and Wix. With a website builder, you must pick a template, upload photos of your work, and edit and personalize your website.

What Should I Put On My Makeup Artist Website?

The content on your makeup artist's website will influence the response you will receive from visitors and potential customers. Feature a visual portfolio to showcase your work and various projects, high-quality images of your makeup looks on various faces, videos that showcase your skills in action, eye-catching CTA buttons, engaging texts, and contact details.

How Do Makeup Artists Find Clients?

The easiest way for professional makeup artists to find clients is by taking advantage of social media platforms, especially image and video-based channels with huge traffic. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest are platform examples that makeup artists can use to boost their online presence and increase their customer base and conversion rate.

What are the Best Makeup Artist Websites?

The best makeup artist websites include Blank Canvas Beauty Collective,  Bare Beauty Bar & Spa, LAB Salon and Brow Studio, Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy, SE Beauty Studio, One Fine Beauty, Joy Adenuga, Lauren Reid, Jacqueline Parker Creative, and Beauty By Tahira.

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