26 Best Interactive Website Examples (2023 Inspiration)

Updated Sep 5, 2023.

Building a unique interactive website goes beyond loading it with as many advanced web technologies as you can find. The best interactive websites strike a good balance between adding interactive games and features and optimizing site speed.

You don’t have to spend a fortune hiring a website development company to create a fast-loading and attention-grabbing interactive website. Squarespace and Wix are the best website builders with a rich library of interactive features and templates.

This article explores the 26 best interactive website examples you need to see and use as a creative spark to create your own site.

1. Blue Dog - Interactive Website Example
Source: Blue dog

Blue Dog is an established cookhouse and bar with one of the responsive website designs, offering several interactive elements throughout its website. 

This single-page homepage design rules out the need for scrolling. Visitors get everything they need to know from the hero section. 

The hero section is home to all quarters of the Blue Dog establishment, divided into three, with different background images. Eat, Drink, and Visit are boldly written in White over each segment of the hero section, serving as the site’s only CTA buttons, linked to other pages.

Animal Music Studios is a creative digital company offering original music compositions crafted by an extensive team of artists, songwriters, composers, and producers. 

Welcoming visitors to one of the best interactive websites are several videos compiled into one slideshow that entertains site audiences in its hero section. 

Adding color to a largely black background are several high-quality images and videos displayed in a three-column layout.

Noah Demeuldre is a half Belgian half Irish art director and a member of the British Film Designers Guild. A passionate lover of the performing arts, several full-width quality images and videos capture visitors’ attention on her interactive website.

An anchor menu feature is visible and pinned to the right-hand side of the homepage, serving as the site’s navigation feature. The mouse cursor reveals hidden information in bold White fonts as a user hovers over the video feature playing in the hero section. 

Mike Perry Studio is the online website of Mike Perry, an award-winning artist known for his paintings, animation, sculptures, and books. His creative studio, the Mike Perry Studio displays all of Mike’s finest works colorfully

A single-page homepage displays four of Mike’s most notable works in a bright colorful scheme serving as the site’s hero image. Rather than going for the ordinary, Mike adds a colorful element to all the text on his site, including header text in the header menu.

5. LaLou - Interactive Website Example
Source: Lalou

LaLou is a Prospect Heights restaurant and wine bar with a focus on natural biodynamic and small-production wines from the neighborhood. 

This interactive production company has an excellent online website that welcomes visitors to the image of a set-up dinner table featuring its top delicacies. 

The hero image changes as the mouse cursor hovers around a select navigation text in a colorful illustration style. I love how LaLou displays four bold texts over its hero image in White, serving as the site’s navigation feature.

6. Tiffany Cruz - Interactive Website Example
Source: Tgtcruz

Tiffany Cruz is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding, motion, and illustration. Over a black background, Cruz displays his name in bold White font with several animated icons that add color to the black-and-white color scheme. 

Further down his interactive website, visitors enjoy a personalized journey with each segment labeled from one to seven. Other than the colorful background adding to the design aesthetics of Cruz’s site, several animated features help make it a top online interactive website.

7. Zwift - Interactive Website Example
Source: Zwift

Zwift is an app for cyclists, runners, and triathletes designed to make indoor training fun. Fusing several images into one video content, the colorful colors alternating with the images displayed make the hero section attractive to visitors. 

A curvy bend at the edges helps distinguish between sections on the Zwift website, adding a unique look. The high-quality images and animated photos ensure visitors focus on the unique illustration style displayed on the site.

Weglot Like Magic is a translation-themed mini-game interactive website featuring several astonishing interactive elements. 

A colorful animated image of an eye takes all the attention on the Weglot Like Magic website in a visual and interactive way. A customized hand cursor icon is visible over the single-page interactive website design, pointing site visitors in different directions.

Ronin Surgical company is the designer of the lightest, brightest, and longest-running surgical headlight systems on the market. A brand offering top-class headlight gears, Ronin opts for a dark background for its website design. 

Visitors first visit Ronin’s dark-themed landing page, with the only bright text coming out from the Ronin headgear sample displayed. 

On clicking the “Skip intro” button, the main Ronin website is visible, maintaining the same dark background to display slideshow images of its products. 

The idea of The Pizza Cupcake was born out of Andrea Meggiato and his wife's desire to kickstart their culinary dreams in New York. 

The Bright Red color from the background of the hero section is visible throughout Pizza Cupcake’s site, serving as the site’s predominant color.

Beneath the hero section, a mouth-watering image of a Pizza Cupcake is visible, stretched fully to display the text love at first bite right in the middle. The Bright Red color adds a unique touch to the Pizza Cupcake website design, adding a colorful illustration style.

11. Cowboy - Interactive Website Example
Source: Cowboy

Cowboy is driven by its mission to inspire the widespread adoption of cycling via its technologically advanced and award-winning electric bikes. 

Visitors enjoy an extensive display of Cowboy products and services from the interactive hero image sideshow of people riding the Cowboy electric bike. 

I love how this great interactive website displays several screenshots from the Cowboy app in a separate section on the Cowboy interactive. The images bouncing from up to down add their effect to the long list of interactive design elements visible on the site.

Hustler Blueprint is on a mission to provide high-quality and guided products that promote productivity and mental health. With a single-page website design, the Hustler Blueprint website utilizes several interactive elements that make its site’s design unique. 

The first catchy feature of the Hustler Blueprint is the high-quality motion images displayed over the site, treating visitors to a visually pleasing journey. 

Notable is the bold typography, alternating between White and Orange that makes Huster Blueprint one of the best interactive production company websites.

13. Exclusive PR Solutions - Interactive Website Example
Source: Exclusive prs

Exclusive PR Solutions evolve ideas and products into lifestyle brands for startups to top industry leaders. This business website is one of the best examples of standard online portfolio sites, sticking to a simple and interactive web design. 

I love that Exclusive PR Solutions uses an interactive navigation menu and an anchor menu directly linked to its other homepage sections. There is a large circle that serves as the site’s customized arrow icon, a useful online tool. 

Delve Architects is a team of professionals designing and creating spaces for people to make a positive impact on how they live and work. 

With a mix of architectural experience and interactive web design, Delve Architects is one of the top responsive websites with an interactive user interface. 

Slanting lines are visible throughout the Delve interactive website, most prominent in the hero section, dividing the space into four uneven sections. 

The soft color scheme used in the hero section adds its artistic mark, revealing hidden animated and personal photos linked with the site’s navigation.

15. Rose Island - Interactive Website Example
Source: Rose-island

Rose Island is one of the best interactive website examples with amazing features that guarantee site visitors an interesting experience. 

Coined from a spectacular architectural design by Italian engineer Giorgio Rosa, the Rose Island hero image is a 3D image of the building. 

As visitors scroll through the website, the 3D image rotates, showcasing all the sides of the building and opening up other sections on the homepage.  

The Bamboo color is the predominant font color on Rose Island, becoming more prominent as texts, a large part of its interactive tours. 

16. Bragg - Interactive Website Example
Source: Bragg

Bragg is a brand with over 100 years of experience helping people live more vibrantly one day at a time. 

The first thing a site visitor will notice about the Bragg site is the use of red lines, one of the top interactive elements. From the hero section down to the footer section, red thin lines become visible, helping to border and distinguish between sections. 

Texts visible in Red font color are among the top interactive components the Bragg site features, revealing hidden information in a horizontal layout.

17. Rafael Verona - Interactive Website Example
Source: Rafael varona

Rafael Verona is an illustrator, animator, and art director with Peruvian roots based in Berlin and Rotterdam. A lover of all things art, Rafael treats visitors to a colorful slideshow display of some of his artworks, serving as his site’s hero content. 

Throughout his site’s homepage, Rafael treats visitors to a three-column display of his art portfolio displayed extensively on a plain white background. 

Rafael’s website is one of the best interactive websites, alternating between still and motion images for maximum effect.

18. Violet - Interactive Website Example
Source: Violet

Violet envisions a world where every human receives equitable health care, inclusive of various diverse demographic parameters. 

One of the best interactive website examples, Violet's portfolio site has an interactive timeline displaying its brand’s offerings in a vivid and visualized way. 

Sticking to Hawkes Blue as its unique interactive website's predominant color, Violet treats users to a very interesting experience via its interactive designs. The catchy bold colors visible over the Violet website help take visitors on a unique user journey.

19. Daniel See - Interactive Website Example
Source: Daniel see

Daniel See is a principal national creative director with over two decades of experience creating digital experiences and products. Using a fun interactive website design, Daniel uses a black background to encourage visitors to check his compelling digital products. 

A video takes all the attention on Daniel See’s website. Over the video media is a sliding announcement feature listing the portfolios under Daniel’s site in bold White fonts. 

There is a customized cursor icon visible as a large white dot, adding to the list of interactive elements.

20. Calexo - Interactive Website Example
Source: Calexo

Calexo is an art and design collective focused on creating delightful drinking opportunities for all, focusing on quality, taste, and experience. A master in the art of cider making, Calexo steals the focus from other liquor brands with its interactive website design. 

One of the top online websites, Calexo attracts more site visitors through a colorful display of its products using a colorful scrolling banner. I love the semi-circle logo in the footer section, displaying a colorful slideshow as background colors.

21. BackBIPoC - Interactive Website Example
Source: Backbipoc

BackBIPoC offers a growing directory of small and BIPOC-owned businesses that are readily accessible and within reach. A bold text reading Back Pocket is fixed to both sides of the hero section, taking the main focus on the BackBIPoC website in White.

You can’t help but admire the bold typography displayed throughout the BackBIPoC website, catching visitors' attention as they scroll through. 

An oval-shaped background adds to the aesthetics of the BackBIPoC site, with arrow icons in orange changing the images displayed in the background. 

Personal Effects displays its site in a predominantly black-and-white color scheme, adding personal effects to its website design, notably the horizontal scrolling effects.

Another stand-out interactive element on the Personal Effects website is the display of still and motion segments in a two-column layout. With the still image catching visitors' attention, the moving section shifts visitors' attention to its clothing offerings.

A Tiny Adventure tells a unique story by Nebula through its online website interactive elements. This great example offers site visitors the option of viewing its content in two languages, French and English. 

I love how this interactive site displays several animated elements arranged in a fun and attractive manner. As visitors scroll through A Tiny Adventure, they discover several interactive features, notably revolving circles and wavy lines, all in motion. 

The footer section displays a centralized chat feature, isolating itself from a colorful display of animated elements.

24. Artificilia - Interactive Website Example
Source: Artificialia

Bridgette Ashton’s Artificilia is a collection of physical and digital artworks reflecting questions of replica and reimagining, on collectors and collections. This single-page website treats visitors to a colorful display of Bridgette’s work on a plain white background

The navigation header menu is visible on the left-hand side of the homepage in a Sea Turtle Green color. Visible is a hamburger menu feature in Sea Turtle Green color, revealing two circles linked to Artificilia’s About and interactive portfolio pages.

25. Whiteboard - Interactive Website Example
Source: Whiteboard

Whiteboard through its dedicated team of professionals helps people and businesses lead their digital transformation across all facets of the internet. Using a plain white background as its whiteboard feature, Whiteboard treats visitors to its interactive design. 

Scattered text and images of the Whiteboard interactive design help form a delightful user interaction. Whiteboard guarantees user engagement by displaying high-quality images and video content that are visually appealing. 

26. Ivy Chen - Interactive Website Example
Source: Akaivyc

Ivy Chen is a fashion and graphic designer with her work deeply rooted in colorful illustrations. With a keen eye for the fluidity of lines and form, Ivy translates such interactive designs into her fashion pieces. 

A horizontal scrolling menu is visible in red on Ivy’s interactive website, with one of her many outstanding design elements displayed. 

You can’t help but admire rough sketches of her work marked in Red lines, revealing finished masterpieces as visitors scroll.

Best Interactive Website Examples FAQs

What is an Interactive Website?

An interactive website is a site that encourages communication and engagement with visitors through interactive design elements, helping respond to user interactions. 

What Interactive Elements Will Make My Website Engaging?

Interactive infographics, virtual product testing, interactive animations, surveys, and social sharing buttons are among the top interactive elements that guarantee an engaging website. Using any of them as an inspiring idea for your website design will drive engagement to your website

What are the Best Interactive Websites?

Weglot Like Magic, Ronin, The Pizza Cupcake, and Tiffany Cruz are the best interactive websites offering their own unique learning experiences. 

Which Interactive Features Best Attract and Keep Visitors?

Quizzes, surveys, forms, videos and image galleries, maps, live chat, infographics, and colorful and animated icons are the top interactive features that attract and keep visitors. Ensure you blend all the features well to give your website an interactive look. 

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