Squarespace Artist Websites: 17 Inspiring Examples (2023)

Updated Aug 20, 2023.

Creating a great portfolio website is essential if you want to get your name out there and sell your art. You don’t need to hire a web designer to create or redesign your artist’s website.

Squarespace is one of the best website builders that offer visually-appealing templates for artists, illustrators, and all kinds of creatives. Even if you want a website that doubles as an online portfolio and store for showcasing and selling art, use Squarespace.

This guide covers the 17 best Squarespace artist websites that provide solid inspiration to create your own website.

1. Asia Orlando - Squarespace Artist Website Example
Source: Asia orlando

Asia Orlando is an example of an extensive work of art. The five columns layout of art illustrations in varying lengths but the same width adds colors and poise to this Squarespace website design. 

I love how this Squarespace artist website arranges its header menu. You will find the name of the artist to the left, her header links in the center, and her social media icons on the right. 

A slideshow announcement feature on a Pink Flare background close to the footer section invites visitors to subscribe for notifications on new artwork. 

2. AliceXZ - Squarespace Artist Website Example
Source: Alicexz

AliceXZ is coined from the name Alice X. Zhang, a designer and illustrator as strictly a portfolio website for the artist's works. The all-black background makes the illustrations on display more attractive to visitors, adding a dark-themed to every illustration on display. 

I love how the illustrations displayed throughout the homepage are arranged in no particular order, giving the site a mystical look. The header menu displays two sets of navigation, with the contact header leading directly to the site’s contact page.

Cesar Moreno is an illustrator and art director based in Mexico focusing his works on his favorite themes, sports, pop culture, and beer kinds of stuff. He uses his Squarespace website homepage to focus on his art illustrations, displaying them throughout. 

Art is the theme of this artist’s website, with Cesar’s illustrations maintaining a three-column layout despite varying in length. Every illustration on display fades to reveal the title when the mouse hovers around it. 

A pinned footer section is visible on a white background at the bottom, containing Cesar’s copyright info and icons leading to his social media pages. 

4. Abbey Lossing - Squarespace Artist Website Example
Source: Abbey lossing

Abbey Lossing uses still and motion-illustrated images to catch users' attention. I love how he uses a Vista White background to display the colorful illustrations that make this website pop in the eyes of visitors.

His website maintains uniformity in width but differs in length in her three-column layout website structure, opting for a more central layout to display her work. 

Icons leading to Abbey’s social media pages are pinned at the bottom right corner of her site’s homepage, linking visitors directly.

5. Mathias Ball - Squarespace Artist Website Example
Source: Mathias ball

The colorful name logo on Mathias's Squarespace website adds a personalized touch, taking a central position above the header menu. A subtle pattern exists on the edges of every illustration, allowing Mathias’s web design to completely overshadow the white background. 

Mathias displays still and motion images on his site’s homepage, with the centralized layout ensuring white spaces are visible at the sides and in-between images. 

6. Jingna Zhang - Squarespace Artist Website Example
Source: Zhang jingna

Jingna Zhang is a fine art photographer and art director with her works inspired by anime and pre-Raphaelites. This Squarespace website mixes Asian aesthetics with Western art styles, alternating between a three and four-column layout on its homepage. 

Zhang’s business website reveals the name of her works featured on her site, with legible white font visible when the cursor hovers around the image. 

I love how the footer section maintains the homepage’s white background, displays icons on its social media pages, and links to its blog.

Jeremy Nguyen is a New York-based cartoonist, illustrator, and humor writer, with his website first thrilling visitors to its collections of illustrations. 

Unlike other Squarespace artist websites, the header menu of Jeremy’s website is fixed to the left-hand side, displaying links and social media icons. Designed as a single-page website, the links in the header menu open other pages on Jeremy’s website homepage. 

I love how the images at the bottom end have varying lengths, making it look like a step, with plenty of visible white spaces.

8. Nicole Xu - Squarespace Artist Website Example
Source: Nicole-xu

Nicole Xu’s Squarespace artist website is an example of a simple and beautiful website design. The homepage of Nicole’s website showcases several different and colorful illustrations in a three-column layout with varying lengths. 

The name of each illustration is displayed in the white font when the cursor moves over the images alongside a CTA button prompting users to view more.

Full of animated images, the white spaces left from the extensive white background serve as the border between images. 

9. Livia Falcaru - Squarespace Artist Website Example
Source: Livia falcaru

Livia Falcaru’s illustration portfolio uses a light color background that perfectly compliments the illustrations showcased on the art website. 

I love the effects that some images give, with some displaying a slideshow of images and giving visitors the feel of watching an art video installation. 

The images from Livia’s portfolio displayed in a three-column layout, reveal the title and a brief description of each piece by clicking on any image. I love the centralized format used for Livia’s header menu, sticking with the layout of the logo name directly above it. 

Johanna Springer is a freelance illustrator based in Germany, focused on making illustrations for books, comics, and magazines. Johanna chooses Black Olive as her homepage background color, reflecting her love for nature. 

This Squarespace website uses a central layout to display her illustrations, displaying extensively on the homepage in a uniform four-column layout. 

Icons linked to Johanna’s social media pages are centralized at the footer section, standing out in their white circular layout.  

Phillipa Rice is a jack of all trades in the art world, known as an artist, cartoonist, writer, author, animator, and craft person. This Squarespace website uses her homepage to display her works, with a white background, making the images more prominent. 

The mouse cursor gives a special effect on every artwork, fading it and opening up to another page when clicked. In the footer section, Phillippa’s website gives credit to its website builder, Squarespace.

Steeven Salvat is a French artist passionate about drawing, nature, science, and history. One of the fine artists of contemporary art, Steveen has one of the best single-page Squarespace art websites. 

The first eye-catching feature visitors notice is the slideshow of full-bleed images of the finished and upcoming projects of Steveen. I love how the colorful artworks displayed varying in themes and designs ensure the focus of visitors is on the images.

A circular icon with an image of one of his artworks in the background serves as the link to Steeven’s Instagram page. This icon stands out amidst all the attractions in the background.

Alex Tran is a Montreal-based portrait and headshot photographer with a Squarespace website created to showcase his projects. Centralized on Alex's website’s homepage beneath its logo are header menus, linked to Alex’s portraits, contact info, and blog pages. 

There are plenty of white spaces at the sides of Alex’s website due to the centralized format used to display his images on a three-column layout. 

The footer section gives Alex’s site a dual personality, showing a brief bio in English and French, including links to other pages between texts. 

Grace K Design's website falls under the category of Squarespace artist website examples with a simple and minimalistic design. Home to Grace Korandovich, a fine artist, designer, and web coordinator, Grace K Design uses soft colors to showcase Grace’s art portfolio. 

Switching between different font types and colors, Grace uses stylish typography for her web design. I love how some of the artist’s work is scattered around her home page, adding glamor to the overall design.

Vanessa Chakour is an author, virtual artist, naturalist, herbalist, former pro-boxer, and environmentalist with a Squarespace website showcasing all aspects of her work. 

Her website serves as the canvas for her online portfolio, with animated images at the heart of the web design.

Serving as the hero image for Vannessa’s Squarespace website is her name written in bold black text on an Egg Shell colored background. The illustrations surrounding the text help focus visitors' attention on the artist's name. 

Vanessa Chakour displays client testimonials on a Thunder color background in a slideshow format using Lightning Yellow text color.

Just Joey Rose is an accessories brand refining the meaning of jewelry with a collection of wearable art pieces reflecting a sense of playfulness. This artist’s website is artwork on its own, using a visual hierarchy unrivaled in the art world.

Her website attracts potential clients via its graphic design showcasing images of its portfolio. The dark-themed background adds to the website's aesthetics, making its product more appealing to clients.

I love the images on display close to the footer section, each containing a link directly to the brand’s Instagram page.

Olivia is a Los Angeles-based artist and owner of Plume + Pulp, a hand lettering, woven arts, and custom craft brand. This artist’s website displays three artworks displayed on a plain tarred surface serving as the hero image.

I love how the Plume + Pulp Squarespace website distinguishes between its portfolios and products, making it easy for visitors to find their way. The portfolio page showcases galleries from past projects while the products page offers an extensive library of products for sale.

Squarespace Artist Website FAQs

Is Squarespace Worth it for Artists?

Squarespace is one of the most popular websites platforms for artists to showcase their illustrations and paintings. You will love the stunning and modern designs that Squarespace offers via its rich wealth of artist website templates and easy-to-use tools.

Can I Use Squarespace to Create an Online Portfolio?

Squarespace allows you to create an online portfolio by adding a portfolio page and displaying the content in any layout of your choice. You can use any of Squarespace's templates to help create an online portfolio for your business. Squarespace offers great customer service and tutorials to help you create an online portfolio easily.  

What are the Best Squarespace Templates for Artists?

Several Squarespace templates are available to artists to consider in building their online portfolios. Notably is Passero, one of the best Squarespace templates offering virtual art classes. Depending on your online portfolio specification, you will find the right Squarespace template suitable for you.

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